About Us

HalfMagnet began its journey in 2010. Here's how it all started:


"I am a self taught programmer from the Dominican Republic (right in the middle of the Caribbean). I have a degree in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying.
In 2010, I was halfway through my engineering studies when an AppStore phenomenon was taking place. A little game called Angry Birds was all over the place, getting a lot of press and media coverage. I remember saying to myself “Is there any reason why you can’t do something like this?” I reminisced back to my childhood when the idea of creating a computer program that did anything I wanted sounded so incredibly interesting to me, but I didn’t have a clue of how programming worked.
So after some googling here and there I picked up a book called Objective-C for Dummies by Neil Goldstein. You wouldn’t believe the long nights I put into this book. My parents had bought me a MacBook for my studies and I had spent months of savings in a 4th Gen iPod Touch. This was my Starter Pack. I just put in time and effort to eventually become the iOS Developer I am now."